Veroni active Natural Energy Drink

Veroni active Natural Energy Drink is an energy drink with natural ingredients available in 400 ml bottles and 250 ml cans. The aromas and juices it contains give it an intensely fruity flavour and guarana and natural caffeine provide you with the energy you need to be active. Veroni active Natural Energy Drink 400ml contains 140 mg of natural caffeine obtained from guarana and green coffee beans. It can stimulate you as much as two cups of coffee.

The packaging of Veroni active Natural Energy Drink alludes to the natural origin of the product. A green cap, green name, leaf and the 100% natural label, as well as the texture of the label that resembles paper, send a clear message that the product is natural. In the central part of the label there is a characteristic explicit symbol resembling a POWER switch, which highlights the energy stimulating properties of the drink and motivates for action. High natural caffeine content is also highlighted at the front in the form of a pictogram resembling a coffee bean. Particular flavour variants are distinguished by placing fruit images on the labels and a bottom bar with the name of the flavour.

Veroni active Natural Energy Drink is sold in a handy and functional bottle. Three flavour varieties of the product are available: nourishing acai berries, exotic fruit, juicy grapefruit and pomegranate.